Blogging Beginnings

Year Two has started at Emily Carr University, and I have started a blog at the suggestion of my instructors and peers. Blogging is not completely new to me, as I once maintained a personal blog half a decade ago. However, my first blog lacked interesting content, and was rather filled with useless teenage rantings about family and how terrible life was.

No wonder no one read it.

I suppose there are things that ought to be kept in a private journal.  It is my hope that my blog postings can evolve into discussions, and yes, be interesting enough for others to read as well.  More importantly, blogging is a method I can employ to voice my opinion. Time to stop being timid and start saying what’s on my mind.

Any comments or thoughts?

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One thought on “Blogging Beginnings

  1. Haig says:

    I agree. It’s time to say what you think.

    I believe that attitude will take you a long way.
    I’ll be reading….

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