Vancouver Gets “Street View” Treatment

Two days ago, Canada was added to a list of countries now expanding on Google Maps with Street View. Vancouver is included.  On a standard Google map, this feature can be activated by dragging the orange-man icon onto any street that highlights blue, although can only be used in a few select Canadian cities so far.

It’s rather intriguing to see your house, work, school, etc. available for the public to see. In addition, it does work wonders for navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods.  Even someone on the other side of the globe could punch in your address and view your neighborhood. There is also an opt-out link provided for anyone who requests the removal of any image they feel violates their privacy.

However, I do feel slight concern when I occasionally find slip-ups in image blurring of faces. I also wonder if this technology will occasionally have adverse effects on those seeking employment. What if you’re turned down a job because of the neighborhood you live in? I suppose that we can expect this in the digital age, since so much information is already available online.

Not to mention, it’s only a matter of time before we see advertisements integrated into the panoramic maps.

Any other opinions on this recent development?


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