Don’t Mind the Rain

A few weeks ago, we had another critique in Design Photo. Our task was to present some kind of mood. Earlier, I began thinking about the rain and its association with sadness, but it would be no fun to shoot something so cliche!

You see, ever since I was little, I loved the rain. I love the way the drops hit your face when you look the the sky, even though you end up squinting to avoid getting nailed in the eyes. The sound is even more intriguing. Have you ever just listened to the rain? I could spending hours listening. Sure, I like the sun once in a while, but a decent downpour doesn’t turn me sour.

So I ended up juxtaposing a more cheerful mood with “lousy” weather. My younger sister also shares an appreciation for rain, so she volunteered to model for me (with a promise to stop by the bakery after the shoot). I had enough film for 72 exposures, so we didn’t hold back and acted like ourselves. The overall goal was to be who we naturally are, without looking like a scene from “Singing in the Rain”. One hilarious moment was when another person and their dog walked into the background, and the dog proceeded to do his business on the sidewalk right in my view– had I captured that image, it would have made for an interesting conversation.

The bad news is that I actually used the wrong film, so I didn’t get to process my own at school. Nonetheless, I still tried my hand at manually printing the images myself. I liked making contact sheets the best, because then I could see everything as though it were a narrative. Eventually, I selected my final shots that may reveal a slight hint of happy emotion without being too blatant. I also experimented with burning, which adds a layer of mystery to the images. Next time, I think I might try to find someone willing to lend me some contrast filters.

Was it worth the getting drenched with rain in the end? Definitely.

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One thought on “Don’t Mind the Rain

  1. museumofdirt says:

    Nice work – love the shots. I also love rain.

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