Everlone “Vertletzte EP”

I recently discovered the Free Music Archive (FMA), and they have a fantastic library free legal audio downloads. There is a huge assortment of genres for every taste, and each artist chooses the sharing rights for their intellectual property. You can even find audio for film use, which is great for me to keep in mind if I ever delve deeper into motion graphics.

I wanted to share today’s recent discovery of and artist called Everlone, and I might regularly curate selections of my favorite music discoveries. Everlone recently released an EP called Verletzte, and I appreciate the album for its combination of a dreamy atmosphere with energetic beats. It totally stimulates my imagination and creativity, something I could use a little more of these days! The FMA offers a free download of the album, or conversely you can buy the album from Bandcamp at the price of your choosing. It is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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