“Through the Deep, Dark Valley” by The Oh Hellos

I downloaded this album from Bandcamp as soon as it released, which is available digitally at “name your own price”. After listening to it several times over the past month, I finally ordered the CD. To my delight it arrived just before Christmas! I might go as far as saying it’s one of my favorite albums for 2012, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what The Oh Hellos come up with in coming years.

The anthem-like vocals are incredibly catchy, especially on the opening track (and my personal favorite) “The Valley”. The duo of vocalists, Maggie and Tyler Heath, are siblings that originate from Texas. They blend very well, yet have nicely contrasting textures in their voices. Their lyrics are refreshing rather than mindless, and the overall album melds all the tracks together very well–it is a concept album after all, which is a new phrase I can add to my vocabulary. It’s nice having songs that all relate to each other because I feel I can better appreciate the effort that goes into the producing the entire album. I feel we lose that appreciation when we only focus on individual tracks from artists these days… guess that’s why I still prefer listening to CD’s over my MP3’s sometimes.

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2 thoughts on ““Through the Deep, Dark Valley” by The Oh Hellos

  1. LordByrum says:

    Awesome review! Maggie from the band is beside me and I am embarrassing her by reading all the sites her band is on!

    • Katie Blank says:

      Thank you very much for the compliment! But tell her she should be proud of all the positive reviews–that being said I can’t wait to hear what else the band brings to the table!

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