Choralstep: An Emerging Music Genre

As a fan of choral music, I often follow the endeavors of modern composers. Eric Whitacre is my personal favorite, and I like to follow a lot of his recent endeavors. After our high school choir instructor offered us a listening session of Whitacre’s work, I was instantly hooked. Since, I have familiarized myself with a considerable portion of his compositions, and have participated in his Virtual Choir annually. On his blog I stumbled upon a remix which another musician of Whitacre’s track Sleep. Alan Keary fused together choral music with a dubstep beat, hence creating what we might call choralstep.

A few months later Keary released another Whitacre choralstep remix of “Water Night”, possibly one of my favorite songs. Sometimes the music-snob in me fears when one alters the original music, but that transformation is phenomenal! It still captures the mystery of the original track, yet gives it an almost cinematic depth. The middle of the remix contains a heart-throbbing sense of adventure, yet feels slow-motion, almost like an action movie of some kind. The voices fade and return with more power, and string instruments played by Alan Keary add another level of drama. In the end, the chimes combined with strings create a heavy nostalgic feeling, which swirls together with this unexpected mix of mystery and memory. I don’t know if my description could possibly make any sense, but definitely check out the track! It’s available for free download too.

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