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37.5% Done

Yup, that’s right. I finished my the first semester of my second year at Emily Carr University. I think I learned the most in my design core studio, which certainly had me experiment outside my comfort zone (I’m talking 3-D).  I learned a lot in my Computer Science class as well. I never thought I would understand the basics of how C++ works, and part of my wants to continue learning more of it. OpenGL was my favorite part.

Those late nights in the computer lab are gone for the next few weeks. Plus, I’m starting to miss the technicians in the workshop already. I’ve put a lot of effort into this last semester, and despite the lack of sleep, it has totally been worth it.

Oh, and I’ve quit my terrible habit of double-spacing between sentences.

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Busy Bee

Sadly, I’ve had to neglect this blog for the last week or so. School is getting crazy, but it has to be a priority. I do have much content I wish to add once the seas have calmed. Just a few weeks to go until winter vacation.

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