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Out of the Groove

We had an excellent lecture in Design Core Studio last week. It was a discussion about “The Business of Design”, divided into sections on getting work, doing the work, and getting paid. Everything I learned from that lecture will be very valuable¬† in the future, I’m sure, although the topic of portfolios made me realize something.

I have a handful of student work I have produced in the last year-and-a-half, but what happened to creating personal work? Isn’t personal work just as important for portfolios, if not preferable?

I always used to make my own nifty designs prior to attending Emily Carr University. In fact, a large portion of my application portfolio consisted of personal work rather than high school projects. I never took art, but I did do a little digital design and photography while attending Anacortes High School. Once I started working full time during summer, followed by full courseloads during the school year, I always mentally told myself I didn’t have time to make any more personal work.

That’s not true.

While I am often tight on time, I’m sure I can still find a way to get back into the groove of making personal work again. After all, if I can manage a handful extracurricular activities, I’m more than capable.¬† Reading Week and Olympics Week are coming up in February, so that’s two weeks with a reduction in homework (hopefully). It’s a good opportunity to create something just for the sheer joy of it!

There are so many things I was to accomplish in life, but if I never make time for them or motivate myself, how will I accomplish anything?

I also wanted to share a piece I did back in January of 2008. It’s a self-portrait created with vectors in Macromedia Fireworks 8 (we don’t hear much about that program anymore, eh?). A little quirky and hairy if I don’t mind saying so, but it really sums up my passion for two loves– music and design.

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