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3D Printed Records

Amanda Ghassaei has been experimenting with 3D printed records. The resolution is low in comparison to the quality of the original audio, but it’s exciting to think what can happen when printing capabilities progress! Because of the printing resolution, not as much audio can fit on a disc (note how quickly the stylus travels toward the center). Nonetheless, Ghassaei has printed a handful of demo discs with the following tracklist:

Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
New Order “Blue Monday”
Pixies “Debaser”
Daft Punk “Around The World”
Radiohead “Everything In Its Right Place”
Joy Division “Disorder”
Aphex Twin “Windowlicker”

A whirring noise a strongly prevalent as the stylus makes contact with the groove. The grooves are actually constructed of a series of adjacent triangles, rather than a smooth wavy groove, which may be the cause of the whirring. The file size to make a printed record with a minute of audio is in excess of 200 megabytes (4+ million triangles). She had to develop a special logarithm to convert an audio signal to these shapes. How mind boggling!

Grooves of a printed record.

She does a lot of other audio technology-related projects. The arpeggiator she made is pretty nifty too.

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