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Bill Hicks “It’s Just a A Ride” Kinetic Typography

Found some tasteful kinetic typography on YouTube today. It inspires me to want to pick up with After Effects again.

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I Shot the Serif (A Typography Game)

The folks at To The Point have created an addictive typography-related game called I Shot the Serif, in which you must correctly identify serif typefaces within a time frame. This definitely would have come in handy when my interest in typography first started–wwwaaaayyy back in the day!

I found this over at Jessica Jone’s blog How About Orange. She regularly posts a lot of design-related games, and I’ve recently stumbled on games such as Kern Type, Shape Type, and Color (created by Method of Action).

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Masculine & Feminine


For my Advanced Typography class, I concluded the semester with another kinetic type video. The project was self-directed with the intention of being an exhibit in a typographic museum. This video examines the stereotypes of gendered typography, then analyzes some of the subtler influences that could be present in a typeface. Of course, it’s all in good humor!

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What Typeface Are You

Thought I would share this fun little quiz from Pentagram with everyone. It classified me as emotional, understated, progressive, and discliplined. Thus, I am Archer Hairline.


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“With a Lily in Your Hand” Kinetic Type

This evening, I finished my first attempt at kinetic typography. For our core design class, we ended the semester creating videos with the objective of using moving type to convey emotion. This is my first time using After Effects, though I am certain it won’t be my last. Kinetic type is pretty addicting, although I like it in short doses. I don’t know if I could animate an entire song and spare my sanity at the same time.

We weren’t required to have sound in our video at all, but inside I was screaming, “No sound required?! But this is the perfect opportunity to set type to music!” This is where my background in music comes in–I sifted through my entire music library for hours, brainstorming songs I could animate. Disappointingly, there isn’t a lot of choral kinetic type out there, hence I wanted to try content that hasn’t been done.

Back in my senior year in high school, our choir director would give us listening sessions. We would sit back and relax in darkness, as to get the best listening experience, and this is where I was first introduced to the contemporary composer Eric Whitacre. I soon bought his album and have been hooked since. I selected his song “With a Lily in Your Hand” because it has a strong energy about it, yet is dynamic enough for experimentation. When I hear music, I imagine it visually as well as aurally. This was my chance to express how I imagine music. I hope I did the song justice–at least for an amateur.

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Kinetic Type Examples

This is a month or so ahead of schedule, but I’m already exploring examples of kinetic typography for my project later this semester. There are so many intriguing examples out there!

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